TWS bluetooth 
TWS bluetooth 

TWS bluetooth headphone

Model NO.:
  • Min. Order:1000
1. Designed with IP5 waterproof rating, anti-sweat, water washable
2. Touch design, function support answer/hang up/replay, music pause/play/next/previous song/volume addition/subtraction/sir wakeup /Automatic on/auto pairing/bilateral call
3. True stereo, high quality headphone unit, support for lossless music playback
4. Ergonomic design, easy to wear, and not easy to fall during exercise.
5. Storage box, built-in magnetic charging device, and built-in mobile power bank function.
6. A variety of color matching to meet the needs of different consumer groups
7. Headphone battery 50 mAh, music time 4 hours, single ear call 4 hours
8. Built-in 450 mAh battery in the storage box, can provide repeated charging of headphones for more than 4 times
9. Bluetooth version Realtek 5.0

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