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TWS bluetooth headphone

Model NO.:
  • Min. Order:1000
1. Headphone battery capacity (single ear): 85MAH
2. Charging compartment battery capacity: 5200MAH
3. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.2
4. Bluetooth protocol: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/DI1 .3/GAIA/TWS
5. Bluetooth band: 2.4GHZ
6. Transmission power: Class 2, maximum 4.0dBm
7. Bluetooth transmission distance: barrier-free 360° arbitrary angle 10-15 meters
8. Headphone continuous listening time: endurance : Single ear continuous listening to the phone can reach 6-7 hours, and the ears can listen to the song for 4-5 hours.
9. Headphone charging time: 100% battery can be quickly filled in 2 hours:
10. Working voltage: 3.7V
11. Charging voltage: 5V
12. Mobile power Input voltage: 5V
13. Other specifications and functions: 1). Wireless binaural stereo, left and right ear channel separation, HIFI sound effect; left and right earphone can be used separately (mono), or can be used in pairs (stereo)
2). Exclusive custom-made steel shell explosion-proof rechargeable lithium battery (expandable to 105 mAh); 3). Built-in high sensitivity (-38db) microphone; 8mm exclusive custom full-frequency moving coil speaker unit; built-in CVC6.0 noise Eliminate technology, provide quiet call effect;
4).1 drag 2 function: a pair of headphones can be used separately, each connected to a mobile phone;
5). Support Android and IPhone power display; support custom switch machine voice prompts and support call voice report No.;
6). Battery voltage real-time monitoring, low voltage warning, ultra-low voltage automatic shutdown protection;
14. Pair of headphones weight :12.8g Accessories:
1. left and right headphones
2.1 dedicated charging base
3.1 MicroUSB charging cable
4.1 This manual
5.3 pairs of spare ear caps (large, small, super small)

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